Lena Knight

Lena Knight teaches Pilates classes at BoCo Yoga and Pilates

Lena is an ex-dancer and a qualified APPI mat Pilates instructor. She has been teaching Pilates for more than 15 years. “Pilates is dear to my heart. It made me completely free of low back pain and solved my sciatica. Mindfulness, being present in a moment, listening to my body is what made my life free of pain!” says Lena

Lena regularly attends courses in movement, anatomy and physiology to learn the latest about the human body. Recently she has completed a year of ‘Anatomy for movement’ course with Gary Carter. Lena expresses how the life changing the course was and taught her to appreciate the inter-relationship between each system/network of the body. Lena also has been learning about Fascia. Fascia is a fascinating ‘new’ field and the knowledge we are now obtaining is has a profound effect on how we teach movement. Lena has a great love and is dedicated to the practise and science behind Pilates.

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