pre & post natal yoga and Pilates

prepare with pre-natal classes

See our online classes during lockdown.

These classes are specifically designed to maintain your strength and posture and prepare for labour.

Making time for yourself during pregnancy is so valuable. We have a wide choice of classes so that you will be able to fit at least one a week into your schedule.

benefits during pregnancy

• Strengthen your pelvic floor muscle control to prevent incontinence and aid in labour

• Improve postural awareness

• Strengthen abdominal and gluteal muscles to support and stabilise the pelvis and spine

• Reduce musculo-skeletal pain

• Stretch spinal and upper limb muscles to relieve

• Aid relaxation and advise on positions of relaxation

• Maintain effective circulation to aid with swelling

• Incorporate positions for labour into your exercise programme


Pregnancy yoga





when can you start?

Pregnancy yoga can be practised from the 13th week of pregnancy right up to your due date.

If Pilates is part of your usual exercise regime you can start at any time through your pregnancy. If you are new to Pilates you can start any time after 13 weeks of pregnancy.

make sure of your place

Our pre-natal classes are very popular. Register for your classes during the first trimester, so that when you are ready to start we are more likely to be able to offer you a place.


pilates for pregancy – This class is specifically designed for pregnancy, to maintain your strength and posture and assist your labour.

yoga for pregnancy An ideal practice to help ease the natural changes taking place in the body, and safely keep the body toned and supple without strain, whilst preparing for the physical demands of childbirth and motherhood. Classes consist of postures and breathing exercises adapted from classical Hatha yoga. The aim is to strengthen the body and prepare it for birth, and to alleviate discomforts common during pregnancy - such as lower back pain, pelvic pain, heartburn, indigestion, swollen joints, breathlessness, tiredness and sleep disturbances. Daytime and evening classes.

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also - general classes suitable for pregnancy

The following general classes have variations suitable for all levels, and are suitable for pregnancy:

gentle yogaPregnancy Yoga 2

gentle pilates

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See also our specialist workshops and well-being classes

how does pregnancy yoga help?

a member's experience

birth story - Holly Hood tells of her experience of childbirth. See birth story

our yoga teachers - see details

book a class

To book a class or course, or to enquire, email or call 020 8399 3930 before 1 pm or after 6.30 pm. Please leave a message if necessary - we will respond quickly. If you have not received a reply, please check your spam and/or contact us again.

Classes run all year round - you can start at any time. Days and times on our class timetables

Flexibility: If you have unused classes on your 6 class pass, we will give you a credit against the course.

free membership to online classes

class prices - download class prices

your local studio

BoCo is on the Esher side of Surbiton, minutes from Surbiton station and near to Kingston upon Thames, Esher, Claygate, Molesey, Hersham, Thames Ditton, Long Ditton, Chessington, New Malden, Hampton Court, Hook, and most parts of Elmbridge.

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bring your baby to our
post-natal courses

Had a baby recently? Then you know being a mother can be hard work. Our post-natal pilates and yoga courses will help you to strengthen and start to tone your body, while boosting your energy levels.

Bring your baby to our relaxed PN classes where changing and feeding facilities are available.

benefits after your baby is born

• Strengthen pelvic floor muscles weakened by pregnancy to avoid problems of incontinence

• Retrain your abdominal muscles to help support your spine and pelvis and recover your pre-baby shape

• Re-educate correct posture following the natural changes in your body through pregnancy.

• Strengthen your upper body and learn how to lift and hold your growing baby to avoid back problems

• Learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress and help you sleep

when can you start?

You should wait until you have been given the go-ahead by your GP at your post-natal check before joining this course.


The first course is open to non-members.

post-natal mother and baby pilates course

Limited to 8 mothers and their babies, to ensure individual attention, and classes will last one hour. While you exercise, your baby can sit in a baby seat in the studio or lie on a mat by your side.

post-natal mother and baby yoga course

This course lets both you and your baby participate in the fun.

See mother and baby courses


Flexibility: We recognise that life with babies does not always go according to plan. If you miss one of your course sessions you can make it up by attending a general class within the term, for no additional charge.

organise your own post-natal group?

If a group of you would like to come together, we would be glad to organise a special post natal class for you. Minimum of 5 people, but we may be able to help you make up the numbers. Just email

book a course

Courses run for 6 weeks and are ongoing. During holidays we run ad-hoc single sessions. You can book one course as a 'taster' before deciding whether to join as a post natal member. We stagger the start dates of the Tuesday and Thursday courses so there will be a course starting soon that you can join.

If the course is not full, you may be able to have a single session as a taster to check that the timing suits you and your baby.

Please call 020 8399 3930 before 1 pm or after 6.30 pm. or email


our Pilates teachers - see details


need advice or help? yoga or pilates?

For advice on the type and level of class that would be right for you, call Maya on 0208 399 3930.

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