creating the perfect environment for your first taste, or to deepen your practice

BoCo Yoga & Pilates
Surbiton, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

the BoCo studio

a peaceful space for yoga and pilates

We first met many years ago at a yoga class Maya was teaching. We found we had a shared vision of a perfect yoga environment - a peaceful and dedicated space, not part of a village hall or competitive gym environment, with small classes allowing for individual guidance.

Today at the BoCo studio in Surbiton we are able to share our vision with everyone - from beginners to experts. Our light-filled, serene studio is fully equipped and we've gathered an exceptional team of expert instructors.

Our members, some of whom have been with us from the start, discover that the benefits of yoga and pilates go beyond an increase in flexibility and strength. They have found more enrgy and a sense of well-being.

We think we have achieved our vision. Why not come and try it for yourself?

Karin Worthy and Maya Patwa

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