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Trish Soper



Trish Soper trained as a teacher in Modern Pilates with Cherry Baker, who developed this clinical approach to Pilates Exercise with leading physiotherapist Christopher Norris. Modern Pilates combines Joseph Pilates’ techniques with recent research and knowledge about fitness, exercise and core stability. Tricia’s classes focus on precision and are designed to develop balance throughout the body, building strong stable muscles that are also flexible and correctly aligned. Members enjoy the physical benefits of her classes and also the relaxation and mental focus that each session is designed to provide. Tricia is a certified Matwork Pilates Level 3 Instructor (2009) and has completed additional courses on Pilates & Pregnancy, Neuro Pilates, Shoulder Stability, Progressive Matwork 1, Pilates & Back Care, Pilates & The Older Adult and Pilates on the Ball. Tricia is also training in Life Coaching and as an NLP practitioner.