yoga classes

Choose a class at the level of experience, pace and teaching style that suits you:

starting yoga:  learn the fundamental principles to ensure you strengthen & improve suppleness without strain. A grounding in the basics of Yoga, including aspects of pranayama (the breath work)  and asanas  (the postures). Gain a deeper understanding of your energy - physical, mental and emotional, and how you spend and recharge it.

enjoying yoga:  Reinforcing the basics, plus the next steps in developing your postures and technique. Beginners or those with experience.

enjoying yoga - advanced: A deeper practice - an hour and a half class for teachers and experienced yoga practitioners.

core strength class: draws on both yoga and pilates, and teaches the fundamentals for both. Techniques to help you tone your abdominal muscles and strengthen your back.

gentle yoga: a gentle class with variations suitable for all levels. Gentle yoga can bring, gently and steadily, positive change and benefit to our mind and bodies. Also suitable for those starting to get fit and for pregnancy. See gentle yoga

power yoga: An active class designed to help you harness and channel your energy - a perfect start to your day. 
The aim is to leave feeling energised, stretched and stronger, with more focus, balance and a sense of calm.
Whether you are new to yoga or a more experienced yogi this class will cater for you, helping you to vary your postures according to your needs.  Kate’s passion (and talent we think!) is to make yoga accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of age or physical ability
.  See power yoga and feedback

dynamic yoga: An active, energising yoga class on Friday evenings . Wind down from the week quickly and efficiently, to start the weekend chilled and vibrant. If you would like to come for 6:45pm, there is the option of a warm up/ introduction.

See class timetables

Testimonials from members on their BoCo classes.

short, drop-in classes?

We have had requests for some shorter drop-in daytime sessions:'

Time to Breathe' - a re-energising session that gives an extra opportunity to use the breath in the quietness of a still body.

'Time to Glow' - uses aspects of both Yoga and Pilates to provide an aerobic/ HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout.

Look out for details in the studio and let us know if you would be interested.

curious about yoga?

Did you see "100 Years Younger"? Want to find out how you could benefit from yoga - greater suppleness, strength, calm and focus of mind? Our Saturday afternoon intro course is for you. We'll show you enough to let you decide what's in it for you, and how best to take it forward if and when you want to.

Contact us on if you're interested.


pre and post natal yoga See pre and post natal classes

yoga Nidra See workshops

book a class

To book a class or course, or to enquire, email or call
020 8399 3930 before 1 pm or after 6.30 pm. Please leave a message if necessary - we will respond quickly. If you have emailed but not received a reply, please check your spam and/or contact us again.

Classes run all year round - you can start at any time. Days and times on class timetables

We run specialist workshops from time to time. Details are on workshops

class prices - download class prices

injury or back pain?
Both yoga and pilates can be helpful in recovering from injury or easing a chronic condition such as back pain. Be sure to speak to your teacher, so that she can allow for your condition. Don't expect miracles, but care and persistence usually produces results. We believe in a holistic approach to your health, and work closely with medical practitioners and therapists where necessary.

yoga therapy

We can also provide 1-2-1 yoga therapy tuition for those with specific health problems.


choice of class level and pace

Our timetable provides a class level key:
1 = Beginner
2 = Intermediate
3 = Advanced
G = Gentle; A = Active

need advice or help?
Beginners are very welcome at BoCo. Not sure where to start, or whether yoga or pilates are for you? If you need advice on the type and level of class that would be right for you, call Karin or Maya on 0208 399 3930. 

A one-to-one session with a teacher will give you more detailed guidance, so you can feel confident in joining a class that is right for you.

between classes

You can put your yoga principles to good use between classes. See exercises






small classes, individual attention, high-quality teaching

serious about your yoga?

Our highly experienced teachers have inspired several members to go on and train as teachers. Several of these regularly attend our advanced Enjoying Yoga class on Tuesdays.

yoga leaflet

benefits of yoga

Regular practice of yoga will:

Yoga is for all ages - our members range in age from their teens to their 70s and 80s

our yoga teachers:

Maya's classes and workshops range from Gentle Yoga to Core Strength.  Maya embraces the many styles of Yoga in her teaching. Her classes are varied, insightful and will help you to discover the ‘effortless effort’ so valuable with your practice. Discover all that you never knew that your body could do. Maya has reverted to her maiden name and is now using Khatun as her second name. Photo

Karin teaches gentle vinyasa flow classes that use breath with movement to help improve student’s concentration and flexibility, strengthen their body, reduce stress and achieve a sense of balance.  She also teaches chair yoga and can also provide 1-2-1 yoga therapy tuition for those with specific health problems. Photo

Gaia brings to her classes an abundance of energy and enthusiasm, which is wonderfully infectious. Her classes are fun and full of joy, and through thoughtful modifications for each posture, they are geared for both beginner and more advanced practitioners. Photo

Holly's focus is on mindful movement of the body and integration with the breath. Having witnessed, first-hand, the benefits that yoga can bring to both the body and mind she is keen to pass this on to her students to enable them to take the teachings of yoga off the mat and into the world. Photo

Jo specialises in Vinyasa Flow and Pre and Post Natal Yoga. Her classes focus on mindfulness and mental wellbeing whilst integrating the breath with the movement. She hopes to guide her students to nurture a sense of lightness and play in their practice whilst focussing on stability, strength and alignment. Photo

Christina has taught regular, pre & post-natal yoga classes at BoCo for over five years.  Her approach honours the traditional yoga teachings of Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. She is also a CNHC reigstered yoga therapist.Photo

Sue teaches vinyasa flow style classes with the aim of improving overall health and wellbeing on every domain using the many tools that yoga has to offer. Photo

For more information on the above teachers, see teachers



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