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We first met many years ago at a yoga class Maya was teaching. We found we had a shared vision of a perfect yoga environment - a peaceful and dedicated space, not part of a village hall or competitive gym environment, with small classes allowing for individual guidance.

Today at the BoCo studio in Surbiton we are able to share our vision with everyone - from beginners to experts. Our light-filled, serene studio is fully equipped and we've gathered an exceptional team of expert instructors.

Our members, some of whom have been with us from the start, discover that the benfits of yoga and pilates go beyond an increase in flexibility and strength. They have found more enrgy and a sense of well-being.

We think we have achieved our vision. Why not come and try it for yourself?

Karin Worthy and Maya Patwa

the studio in Surbiton



BoCo is on the Esher side of Surbiton, minutes from Surbiton station and near to Kingston upon Thames, Esher, Claygate, Molesey, Hersham, Thames Ditton, Long Ditton, Chessington, New Malden, Hook, Hampton Court and most parts of Elmbridge. There is ample parking near the studio.

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We provide:

yoga classes
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pre and post natal yoga and pilates
weekend workshops
one-to-one sessions
wellbeing classes



We also provide a range of therapies, including acupuncture, osteopathy, physiotherapy, nutritional therapy, psychotherapy, cognitive hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, clinical hypnotherapy and NLP

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To book a class , or enquire about classes, email bookings@boco-uk.com or call 020 8399 3930 before 1 pm or after 6.30 pm. Please leave a message if necessary - we will respond quickly.

Classes run all year round - you can start at any time. Days and times on class timetables

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members comment on their BoCo experience

Anant of Surbiton

I joined Boco Yoga studio about 4 years ago, having searched for a decent yoga studio for about 2years prior to joining Boco, as I had severe lower back problems.

Going to yoga at Boco is now part of my everyday life and has in fact changed my life for the better. All the teachers are fantastic and work with you according to your requirements. The studio accommodates 13 to14 people so the classes are small and the teachers can give attention to individuals who need it.

A very friendly environment and is the best Yoga studio around.

Rae of Kingston

Having practised yoga for several years, trying many different classes and teachers, I finally found Boco 7 years ago. The difference was immediate - at Boco it's personal, I'm not just another class member, I'm a member of the Boco family. The emphasis is on individual development, carried out in small classes guided by exceptional teachers in a wonderfully calm and relaxed atmosphere. It's quite simply yoga at it's best and it brings out the best in me.

Victoria of Surbiton

I started yoga at the beginning of last summer. It was a firm objective to achieve as much as possible in a disciplined manner. I attended regularly after overcoming my initial nervousness, but was in a hurry. I wanted to be 'good' and fast
I paid attention, gave it effort and constantly wanted to go faster, be better, compare myself to others and 'master' it. I looked for 'demanding' classes. I'm naturally quite stubborn so stuck with it, reluctantly as I felt I was 'wasting time '.

How wrong I was. Slowly, through a variety of teachers, the yoga started to flow through me, with patience, paying attention to my body, adjustments, breathing, techniques and surrender.

The philosophy that lies behind the movement, together with breathing that punctuates classes are totally transformational. I now go with it, accept my body's ability and speed of learning and pay little attention to what is without preferring what is within. I fully intend to spend many years aiming to be more yoga savvy and able.

By products include acceptance, patience, resilience, calm, self awareness, awareness of others and incidentally, muscle definition, core strength (mentally and physically) and flexibility. I am very grateful.

Kirsty Love of Walton on Thames

My Monday night yoga class at BoCo is the one and only class I partake in. I feel truly blessed to have found this studio & also Gaia. Her classes give you the option to explore each pose in their different stages, from beginners to advanced. She is so open, warm & friendly. In Gaia's mindful instructions, I have a new-found confidence in my body - it can do some amazing things! For this I am truly thankful.

Jean Mahrer of Surbiton

At BoCo I am learning to re-connect with my body – to wake-up what has been sleeping as a result of injury and pain and age. I am able to do more, and now dare to expect more of myself. And this is all happening in an atmosphere of quiet confidence. And there is such delight and pleasure in the yoga and with the staff and members I meet.

Kitty Cook of Esher:

The instructors are what I value most at Body Concepts. Though extremely knowledgeable and experienced, their attitude is not one of pressure or judgment but one of guidance and encouragement.  Through their teaching, they convey an awareness of and sensitivity to the fact that we are all different shapes and sizes, and we come to practice yoga (or pilates) for our own individual reasons. As a result, I have never found myself in a class overwhelmed with frustration by what my body cannot do, but overjoyed by discovering and learning what my body can do.

Max, Surbiton

Boco Pilates has transformed my health. After two and a half years, my back problems have gone, my yoga's improved, and my posture is great. I was a bit nervous at first, but Karin, Maya and the team run a lovely studio and are so friendly and welcoming. If it wasn't for Boco, I wouldn't be anywhere near as strong as I am today!

Catherine Mackenzie, Surbiton

Having suffered a serious leg injury a few years ago I wondered how I would manage yoga, but within just 5 minutes of my first class I felt completely at ease. There is never any pressure, just expert guidance and care. Maya is such a wonderful and empowering teacher, a complete gem who treats every person as the individual they are while always radiating something very special to the whole class. She explains the intricacies of breath and the human body in such a clear and meaningful way which takes you on a voyage of discovery – class is so much more than just executing poses. My mobility and strength have improved, and what a joy it has been to feel confident and free to develop in such a safe, caring environment. All the lovely BoCo staff and teachers make it so.

Lisa Saunders of Surbiton:

I absolutely LOVE my Tuesday evening class. I can’t think of one thing that would make a difference, as it’s brilliant already. My teacher is fantastic, and it’s made a real difference to my back, which is definitely stronger since I started the classes.

Tom Jones of Surbiton:

I've had chronic back pain for over three years. I started at BoCo with a gentle Pilates class, which I found excellent, then progressed on to a more active class. At the outset I couldn't even do the active Pilates class because my back was so bad. It's a great compliment to BoCo's programme how good my back generally feels today. Pilates has really been quite transformative for me – I'm delighted to have found it. My back and mobility feel better now than at any time over the past three years.

Michael Banks of Esher:

My experience has been quite remarkable. After a lifetime of sport I was increasingly restricted in my movement by painful stomach muscles and seriously thinking of giving sport up.  I felt a one-to-one session at BoCo was worth a try but was not convinced that the set exercises would correct two years of discomfort. How wrong I was. After only a few days there was great improvement and now, a month later, I have regained mobility and enjoy playing tennis and golf once more

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