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Choose a class at the level of experience, pace and teaching style that suits you. Classes run all year round - you can start at any time.

starting pilates: learn the basics while strengthening and toning your body. A starter class helping you to improve your core stability and address musculo-skeletal pain in the neck or back.

enjoying pilates: develop core strength and good posture, for beginners and those with some Pilates experience. For beginners and the more experienced - the basics plus the next steps.

active pilates: a fast-paced and active class to make you more toned and flexible. A fast-paced and active class to make you more toned and flexible. Fitness in a fun and friendly class. For those with some Pilates experience.Tuesday evenings at 20.00.

core strength class: draws on both yoga and pilates, and teaches the fundamentals for both. Techniques to help you tone your abdominal muscles and strengthen your back. Held at the Parish Rooms, Holy Name Church, 42 Arbrook Lane, Claygate, Esher KT10 9EE.  See map

The above classes use matwork and simple equipment - we do not use the more complex equipment.

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pre and post natal pilates

pilates for pregnancy - enjoy the benefits of Pilates to maintain your tone and posture during pregnancy. Click here for details of Pilates for Pregnancy

mother and baby post-natal pilates: help you to recover your pre-baby shape and boost your much-needed energy level. Click here for details of post-natal Pilates

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To book a class or course, or to enquire, email bookings@boco-uk.com or call
020 8399 3930 before 1 pm or after 6.30 pm. Please leave a message if necessary - we will respond quickly. If you have emailed but not received a reply, please check your spam and/or contact us again.

Classes run all year round - you can start at any time. Days and times on class timetables

We run specialist workshops from time to time. Details are on workshops

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our pilates teachers:

Lena Knight is an ex-dancer and a qualified APPI mat Pilates instructor. She has been teaching Pilates for more than 15 years. “Pilates is dear to my heart. It made me completely free of low back pain and solved my sciatica. Mindfulness, being present in a moment, listening to my body is what made my life free of pain!” says Lena.Photo

Sally Foster started practising pilates after the birth of her twin boys and quickly felt that with pilates she had found 'The One!'  She says that Pilates makes her feel strong, supple and extremely aware of how she moves her body in everyday life, not just in class. After a long career in the fashion industry Sally decided on a change of career and completed her teacher training with Body Control Pilates. She now teaches Matwork, Reformer, Pre and Post Natal pilates.Photo

Maya Patwa teaches the Core Strength class.  Her classes are varied, insightful and will help you to discover the ‘effortless effort’ so valuable with your practice. Discover all that you never knew that your body could do. Maya has reverted to her maiden name and is now using Khatun as her second name. Photo

Aga Waszkielis trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) to teach pilates for ante-natal, post-natal and general pilates classes and believes that everyone of any age can benefit from both structured exercises, and that pilates is a great way to become stronger and fitter. She is qualified in sports rehabilitation, and specialises in treating musculoskeletal injuries focusing on the root cause of the pain not just the symptoms, enabling her clients to reach their maximum potential and teaching them how to prevent further injury. Photo

Diana Robertson enjoys teaching across a range of levels including intermediate, and draws on her knowledge of dance and yoga to inform and enrich her classic Pilates training. She is a firm believer that we should all find enjoyment and fun in our choice of exercise! Photo

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benefits of pilates .

Regular practice of pilates will:

Pilates is beneficial for: abdominals and core exercise

Pilates is for all ages - our members range in age from their teens to their 70s and 80s

yoga or pilates?

why I chose Pilates.

injury or back pain?

Pilates can help in recovering from injury or easing a chronic condition such as back pain. Be sure to speak to your teacher, so that she can allow for your condition. Don't expect miracles, but care and persistence usually produces results. We believe in a holistic approach to your health, and work closely with medical practitioners and therapists where necessary.

need advice or help?
Beginners are very welcome. Not sure where to start, or whether yoga or pilates are for you? For advice on the class that would be right for you, call Karin or Maya on 0208 399 3930. 

A one-to-one session with a teacher will give you more detailed guidance, so you can feel confident in joining a class that is right for you.

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small classes, individual attention, high-quality teaching


more information on pilates, links to pilates-related sites and articles on pilates and its benefits.

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