calming the mind yoga - a testimonial

Having seen, first-hand, the positive effect yoga had had on my wife and then on my wife and our daughter, I took only a little persuading to try the “Calming the Mind” class each week. Any traces of remaining scepticism very quickly vanished, within the first half-hour of the first Monday afternoon class, with the relaxation techniques demonstrated by Jo having an almost immediate impact on my sense of well-being.

The typical stresses of the first morning back after the weekend simply vanish each and every week. Jo considerately selects easy-to-adopt positions, appropriate to the mixed abilities of those attending the class and, as someone who struggles to ‘wind-down’ in an everyday environment, I never cease to be amazed how relaxing practising yoga can be. The greatest challenge can be not to fall asleep towards the end of the hour and the contrast between the hurried rush to the studio and the meandering stroll home is quite remarkable!

Karl Fisher

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using yoga to support mental health


One in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year - I have been one of those people.   For the past ten years I have suffered with bouts of anxiety that came and went fairly quickly.  Then four years ago I hit an impressive height of anxiety and spiralled into a deep depression.  I panicked several times a day, I found it hard to go to sleep and even harder to get up in the morning ....

Click here to read Jo's story on how yoga helped her to balance.  If you would like to find out how yoga can help mental wellbeing then please get in touch by contacting us at BoCo.  Just email or call us.



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