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William Webb of Weybridge - why I use yoga

I have been doing various forms of exercise for a number of years but I have found all of them only partly satisfying; something was missing from the mix.
My initial approach to yoga was about pain relief from a long standing sport-related injury, but I quickly found that it gave me many added benefits, not least being an unexpected release of stress and the ability to get a good night’s sleep through the use of deep breathing.
I find that yoga is the ideal complimentary exercise and fitness regime. I do a lot of walking which unfortunately leads to tense leg muscles and in my case some lower back pain. Yoga helps me release this tension and has given me increased flexibility.
There are many levels of yoga practice. Do not be put off by the pictures that can be found on social media. It is not all about holding your body in contortion, it is about finding a practice that suits you and your body.

Jill Tonks of Claygate

I started practicing yoga 2 years ago because of a bad back from exercise at my local gym. Eventually I had to see a specialist and after the physiotherapy the focus was finally on posture. I decided to practice yoga at Body Concepts where the classes are small, and my yoga practice has developed more than I could have imagined and my posture and core strength have improved hugely. I feel stronger physically, mentally and emotionally and with hindsight I wish I’d have taken up yoga years ago rather than thrashing myself down the gym!

The small classes and the variety of teachers have enabled me to reach parts I never thought I could and rather than just doing postures and competing with others in a large class, I now really enjoy stretching my own body and testing its limits as well as having fun.

Christine Pitt of Claygate

I absolutely love the variety of classes and teachers. The small classes offer individual attention and every class has something to offer. I always take away something from whichever class I attend and the quality of teaching practice is outstanding.

When I came to BoCo I had reached a plateau in my practice. I could not work out quite why. The different classes and teaching styles with the individual attention has allowed me to make progress in all kinds of ways. I continue to fine tune poses I am familiar with. A little adjustment here and there can make a big difference but I am not necessarily able to spot that adjustment or alignment myself. The subtle shifts in awareness and perception are ongoing and the individual teaching approach is key in this respect.

Thank you and keep as you are!

Helen Barnes of Thames Ditton

I suffer from scoliosis which has given me a lot of back pain. Having tried various different options without success, I decided to try pilates classes. After attending pilates at Boco once a week for 4 weeks I already noticed a difference in my core strength and flexibility. Having tried other pilates classes, the standard of the teaching at Boco is far superior and there is also the added benefit of a maximum of 9 in a class and a very friendly atmosphere. I have now been attending classes for 6 months and it has had such a positive impact on my back that I am planning to continue with pilates for the foreseeable future. And I really enjoy the classes!

DH of Cobham

Having suffered from chronic lower back pain for many years I was advised to do Yoga at Body Concepts.  The lessons I have had from Khatun Woodham have proved very helpful and shown me how important and beneficial correct breathing is for both posture and stress management.

Louise Jackson of Weybridge

The BoCo Post-Natal Pilates course was fabulous, so much so that I am now a Pilates addict.  Marzanne and Ruth are fantastic instructors and helped me to combat my post pregnancy pelvic girdle condition.  All the staff are very attentive and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

Susan Dick of Oxshott

Joining BoCo was the best thing I have done this year. Everybody on reception is always cheerful and quick to help. When I began in January I had not practiced for four or five months due to a shoulder injury that wouldn't heal. Khatun took me back to basics and very soon my shoulder and practise were improving. By the time Colin returned from India, I was in much better shape to undertake the challenges he presented us with. Colin's teaching has helped me to grow emotionally and physically stronger. His knowledge is extensive and he is very quick to share that with us. My yoga practice has improved no end and I have a different awareness in my practice. It's now not just about getting into the asanas but working with pranayama and learning that the two go hand in hand.









Keith Evetts of Thames Ditton

In middle age I was immobilised for weeks with a back problem.  CAT scans revealed I had spinal degeneration - where the cartilage pads between the vertebrae dry out, shrink and are damaged, and occasionally a nerve leaving the spinal column gets pinched, with agonising spasms.   The doctors said that the condition was age-related and could not be reversed.  But it could be alleviated by, in essence, building up a corset of core muscle round the spine from lower back to upper neck.  This would support the spine and squeeze the vertebrae apart somewhat.  I embarked on a programme of core muscle exercises in the gym, that I do several times a week along with cardio exercise.

A couple of years later I also discovered yoga, thanks to Khatun.  Not only were many of the postures beneficial precisely for building core muscle strength around the spine (where you need muscles to remain contracted isotonically), but against my expectations I also improved spinal flexibility to the point where I can say, after three years, that each year I have improved my ability to bend in all directions.   Yoga, which I practise about four times a week, has also led to many other improvements year on year: breathing, balance, flexibility, posture and strength - all of which are related.  It fits well with my other exercise regimes.

Ken Worthy of Esher

For many years I have had back problems, with frequent episodes of acute pain.   Two years ago my osteopath recommended Yoga, to supplement his treatment by increasing my body flexibility and strength.  

I had previously found that most forms of exercise, intended to strengthen my back, had in practice tended to exacerbate the problems, so that I was unable to continue with them, or at least only to a limited extent.   This has not been the case at all with my regular one to one yoga sessions with Khatun, who tailors them to what my back can cope with.   I have observed increasing flexibility, which allows me to assume more and more postures which I could not have done when I started.  

I have also learned a number of yoga techniques to deal with particular types of strain on my back. – for example I can now quickly relieve back pain resulting from the holiday combination of walking and standing inevitable in exploring a city or visiting an art gallery or museum.  My back is now much more resilient and more able to cope with stress.

NP of Kingston, on our power yoga class

I was quite tired and groggy this morning (sinus and usual hormonal nonsense) but I felt so much better afterwards - thank you for my little leg and shoulder rub too - that was wonderful and just what I needed at that time - you must be psychic! Thank you so much, you’re a wonderful teacher.


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