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Central to most forms of yoga, and to the yoga we teach and practice, are:

what you see...

We embrace all the different forms of yoga and offer most of them. In some classes, based on Iyengar Yoga, we emphasise slow but correct bodily alignment at the expense of dynamism; in others based on Vinyasa or Ashtanga Yoga, there is dynamic transition between postures and closer synchronisation with breathing. In classes aimed at one or more particular areas of the body we may draw on all yoga techniques and styles.

what you get...

Yoga is a slow, progressive process over a lifetime. Some benefits you will notice almost immediately; others become evident gradually, within months rather than days. Each gradual improvement is deeply rewarding. You can look forward to greater flexibility, strength and muscle tone; opening up the joints including around the hips and pelvis, wrists, shoulders and ankles; better posture and body alignment; a healthier spine; improved ability to relax, control stress and reduce pain and discomfort; better use of lung capacity and breath; and an improved sense of well-being.

Yoga makes an ideal complement to other exercise activities. There are those who argue that yoga is a complete form of exercise and no other form is needed. Those arguments can sometimes be a little stretched by its aficionados. In some areas yoga may be less effective than, for example, resistance training or aerobics and you should not expect yoga to deliver everything. That said, the regular practice of yoga (including its dynamic forms) is probably the best form of exercise for balanced, all-round, long-term health, relaxation and well-being.

practice makes perfect...

Once you have become familiar with the postures and can attempt them with confidence, the more frequent your yoga practice, the more progress you will make. But yoga is pleasant rather than onerous, your companions supportive rather than competitive; you need very little kit to practise yoga, you can practise it just about anywhere, and because it is geared to your own body and mind you can practise and improve over a lifetime. Try it....

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Triangle pose - triconasana - in our studio

yoga - historical background

Yoga derives from the ancient family of practices in India that collectively have been seen as a path to a union of body and mind and the harmonious integration of them with one's fellow creatures and surroundings. Many branches of yoga have emerged, emphasizing different aspects of mind, body and society. Some may regard as unfortunate (and indeed, not in the spirit of yoga) the identification of schools of yoga with individual leaders, and rivalries between their adherents. There is a good, non-partisan account of yoga in its various forms at wikipedia.

In more recent years in Western countries the physical aspects of yoga including relaxation have dominated its practice and wider appeal. It is the practice of yoga as a way of improving health and well-being that guides most classes at Body Concepts. To benefit from yoga classes, it is not necessary to adopt spiritual beliefs, to treat yoga as a religion, to restrict one's diet to certain foodstuffs, or to regard ancient Indian descriptions of how the body functions as the last word in knowledge: although if you wish to do so, these approaches are by no means to be disregarded. and


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You can put your yoga principles to good use between classes. See exercises


Who can do yoga?
Everyone can do yoga ... Everyone. You start from where you are, and do what you can. At BoCo we will take into account your condition, advise you what level of class to take, and we can customise practice for you. With our small class size, our teachers will be able to adapt your instruction within a class according to your needs and capabilities. Individual classes can also be arranged to suit you absolutely.

Isn't yoga only for young and fit people?
No - yoga is for all ages - our members range in age from their teens to their 70s and 80s. No matter how old or how fit you are, you can increase the strength and flexibility of your body.

You should wear a little more than this ...What to wear?
Light clothing that will neither hamper free movement nor flop about. Either shorts and tee-shirt or loose-fitting, light joggers are ideal. Bare feet. A sensible choice of yoga wearYou may be upside down part of the time, so you won't want your top to flop around your face... The studio is kept warm and your body should be warm during practice, but for relaxation at the beginning and end of the practice, you may want to put on an outer layer and socks. You should remove watches and jewellery that might get in the way.

What equipment do I need?
None apart from your clothing. We provide mats, blocks, belts and all other equipment that may be needed for particular exercises.

Can I do yoga if I have an injury or back pain?
Yes. Both yoga and pilates can be helpful in recovering from injury or easing a chronic condition such as back pain. Be sure to speak to your teacher, so that she can allow for your condition. Don't expect miracles, but care and persistence usually produces results. We believe in a holistic approach to your health, and work closely with medical practitioners and therapists where necessary.

Can I do yoga if I am pregnant or have just had a baby?

Yes, yoga can be very beneficial. See benefits of pre and post natal classes

Will there be pressure to keep up with the experts in the class?
Not at all. Yoga is not competitive - you work at your own pace. Speak to the teacher if you are new to yoga, and she will make sure you don't try to do too much.

Do I have to start my classes at the beginning of a term?
No - you can join at any time, and work at your own pace.

Not in lesson oneWill I have to do those frightful contortions? (I'm sure I can't)
You cannot expect, and will not be expected, to achieve full poses from the outset. There are preparatory postures, and less extreme variants, to work towards as you progress. And you will. You (and we) will have a lot of fun in the process. Each position has its aims in developing your body and mind. They are progressive, and we will explain what the postures do for you and why.

There are excellent illustrations and descriptions of postures in the Yoga Journal. BoCo Yoga and Pilates has no formal links with the Yoga Journal (, but we think it's an excellent resource for practical advice on yoga.

Will I have to worship the Sun God and chant 'OM'?
No! There is a sequence of postures known as the 'sun salutation,' but that is as good a description as any for what is an excellent set of healthy dynamic stretches, particularly for the back. You may be invited to hum a sound, but that is with the aim of understanding and evenly controlling your outward breath, tuning into your voice box and nasal passages and, well – getting a buzz! We are teachers of yoga, not priestesses.

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Sun salutation sequence

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